Real Estate Photography – 6 Tips

These days, people are busy and when it comes to home shopping, they want to be able to maximize the amount of time they have to see houses.  This means, they don’t want to waste time seeing houses that do not appeal so it is important that the photos on real estate sites show the house to its full potential. This is the reason why hiring a professional for real estate photography is a good idea.


Have the Right Equipment


If you are going to be doing real estate photography, instead of architectural photography,  you want to invest in a quality wide angle lens.  This will allow you to get photos of the houses exterior in one photo without having to stand across the street and getting cars or other unnecessary items in the shot.  A wide angle lens will allow you to get a shot of the backyard in one photo.   It is worthwhile to get a tripod and a shutter remote to eliminate blurred photos that come from moving your hand.  While many may not notice the blur,  it can cause a photo to look not quite right and turn off potential buyers of the property.


Use Lighting

real estate photography It can be tricky in real estate photography to get a house to look bright when you are shooting it.  For this reason, make sure to turn on lights in the house to make it brighter.  Even though it may appear bright to your eyes, the photographs will darken it a bit so the lights will help.  It doesn’t hurt to bring your own lamps just in case the home is empty or there are not enough lights to do the job.  Having enough light in a room will make the room look bigger than the square footage actually is which will entice a buyer to want to see it.  An external flash for your camera can go a long ways in this situation so consider investing in one if you do not currently have one.




While as a buyer we realize that the clutter will go away, it takes away from the potential of the space.  Have the homeowner put clutter away when you are photographing a room or put it in a box.  It can be moved to another room but you will just need to move it again once you get to that room.  If they client hasn’t started the de-cluttering process, this is a great time for them to do it.  They can put the items in the box while you are doing the photos and then they can sort it through it in more detail once you have left.


Minimize Decorations


real estate photographer in bathtubAn important thing to remember when it comes to real estate photography, is that people want a house that they can see themselves in.  For this reason, when you are looking through the lens, if the house screams personality, this needs to be toned down.  As the holidays are coming, it may be a good idea to put items away in a box for a little while.  While this may be difficult for the homeowners, it hopefully will be for just a short time and then they can put them back out again.


Stage the Home


After you remove the clutter and decorations, there  may not be a lot left in the home.  Most people do not want to shoot or show an empty house so it can be a good idea to stage the home.  This is something that the realtor will typically take care of so you can just come in and shoot.  But be prepared for a realtor to want your opinion on how things are set up or be willing to comment about what needs to be changed to improve a shot.  Maybe a sofa needs to move over a few feet to make the room more symmetrical or the vase they have put on a mantle looks too big for the space.  You are all in this together to make the home look great so it sells quickly and for top dollar.


Take Your Time


When you arrive at a house for real estate photography, don’t expect to be in an out in half an hour.  Schedule several hours as you need to photograph each room at its best.  This may require you to reorganize some furniture or move lights around to get the best shot.  While it may seem a bit excessive, it will be worth it in the end. Check out this phoenix real estate photographer.

When it comes to real estate photography, it can be a bit tedious and time consuming to get done.  But when you consider a home is the biggest purchase a person will ever make, it is worth it to do the best job.  You want the potential owners to come in, see that the photos were accurate and purchase the home on the spot.  A job well done by everyone.